10 Most Playful Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs have all kinds of excellent features but usually, it’s their playful character that makes them fun to be with. There’s no single thing like having a goofy pup that could brighten up the day regardless of how gloomy it is. Although it’s in their nature to be playful, there are just some who are extremely playful. Here’s the list of our ten most playful dog breeds in the world.


The boxer is a playful, sweet-natured dog who loves being around with kid’s high energy. An easy-going, curious, energetic, happy dog breed that’s perfect for a playmate.

2. English Springer Spaniel

This kind of breed has a lot of energy, including a fondness of playing in the outdoors. Do activities like agility training, hiking, tracking, and fetching for this dog.

3. Corgi

A Corgi is a breed that’s continually active and playful. He loves playing with kids and also in outdoors.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

Size doesn’t matter! This dog is one of the high-energy dogs on our list. The JRT is a vibrant, playful dog that loves swimming, agility, hiking, running, flyball, and just about anything that involves the use of their energy.

5. Papillon

This smart and cute little papillon loves to be entertained so better give time to play with this small dog or else, he’ll find the way to entertain himself. Take him to a long walk in the park or neighborhood. He’ll surely excel in dog sports too!

6. Golden & Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular dog breeds, these two breeds are filled with playful energy and fun-loving, which make them a wonderful family buddy. Both of them enjoy playing outdoors with the family.

7. Portuguese Water Dog

As what the name implies, they love being in the water. A beach companion or your swimming buddy- anytime!

8. Australian Shepherd

The high-energy Australian shepherd desires to play constantly to have a cheerful life. They are quick to react to whatever tasks given to them such as fetching newspapers, playing soccer, assisting in the garden, and whatever fun games that come to your mind.

9. Brittany Dog

The Brittany dog is always ready to almost anything only if it’s interacting with their playful side. They love to hike, play fetch, run, tug-of-war, and do other activities.

10. Dalmatian Breed

The ancestors of this breed are known to be performers in the circus with some playful tricks, and also they are once coach-pulling dogs. That’s why if you’re searching for a high -energy, goofy buddy, Dalmatian is the best for you.