Adopted Senior Dog After 6 Years In The Shelter

The 12-year-old Sandi dog spent 6 years in the Marion-Grant County Humane Society. 2,461 days to be exact! She was used to living in a shelter, but the staff knew she deserved more. When she was adopted by a kind couple, her waiting was finally over. The day she always returned home was a celebration with a crown and red carpet!

Sandi’s Life at the Shelter

Sandi first arrived at the shelter when she was found as a stray about 6 years ago. She was a happy, healthy dog, but for some reason, people kept overlooking her. She enjoyed playing with the staff at the shelter, but she kept dreaming of a forever home.

The shelter staff said that Sandi basically ran the place. She had been there longer than many of their employees have, so she was the boss.

Sandi’s life finally made a change for the better when Erin and Carrie Rhodes came to visit her. Their dog had recently passed away, so they were looking for a new family member to rescue. As soon as they met Sandi, they fell in love. They said they couldn’t stop thinking about her.

So, the couple adopted Sandi not long after. They put an adorable crown on her head and let her walk to the car in style. Everyone cheered her on and gave her plenty of love as she headed off to her new home. Her tail wagged the entire time.

Her Loving New Home!

Sandi has already quickly adjusted to her new home. Her new parents have spoiled her with lots of love, and she really is a happy pup.

She even has her own Instagram page now where her family can post pictures and updates on her. All the adorable posts are written from Sandi’s point of view. She’s clearly having the time of her life.

Sit in the shelter for a long time for 6 years, but in the end, it is still worth it. Many dogs like Sandi spend a lot of time waiting for their eternal home, but they never give up hope. The next time you consider adopting a dog, please meet the older dog and the dog who stays there the longest. You can greatly improve their lives.

The Marion-Grant County Humane Society still needs about 80 dogs and 200 cats. If you are looking for new furry friends in Indiana, please visit this shelter to see if it is suitable for your family. I hope none of them have to wait for Sandi.