China’s top ten rare animals, there are only more than 1,800 giant pandas left.

We live on this planet with animals that are about to lose their species and they may no longer appear on this planet. The global warming effect, some icelands have begun to melt, not only the survival of animals, it has become less and less, and even humans are at risk. Let’s take a look at china’s top ten rare animals.

10, Brown Eared- Pheasant

There are only such birds in north china, and in 1987 only a few hundred were left. With the attention of people, there are now nearly 20,000.

9, black-necked crane

Birds unique to tibet, qinghai, sichuan, and gansu, the only species that can reproduce on the plateau, can fly through the highest mount everest and now live no more than 10,000.

8. Golden Monkey

It is what we call the golden monkey, but with the deforestation of humans, destroying their habitat, capturing and so on, it has only 5,000.

7. Nipponia nippon

It is also a kind of bird. There is a nice name for oriental gems. This kind of bird was found in china, korea, and japan many years ago, but now only china has it, but there are only nearly 2,000 left.

6, The Giant Panda

This is our national treasure. Most of them are located in sichuan. China is unique, and there are not many artificial breeding. There are almost more than 1,800.

5. Elaphurus davidianus

Elaphurus davidianus has long been in danger of extinction, and with the attention of humans, it has now reached 1,000.

4, Chinese alligator

The smallest crocodile, living in the middle and lower reaches of the yangtze river, has fewer than 200 left because of the destruction of its place of life.

3. South China Tiger

Even fierce tigers are in danger of being extinct. Due to the destruction of the food chain, the number of south china tigers has gradually decreased. The number of wild animals is now no more than 20.

2、 Hylobates concolor

Habitat destruction, human malicious killing, so that there are only a few hylobates concolor, there are only 13 left.

1. Baiji Dolphin

This figure is unclear and was once considered extinct, but some people say they have seen it and hope that this species will not be extinct.