Confused Dog Adorably Tries To Plays Fetch With Statue

A Border Collie out for a walk at the beach was disappointed when a human he asked to play fetch with him refused to pick up the ball. But how was Hurley the dog supposed to know the human wasn’t human at all. It was a cast-iron figure that was part of an art installation by Anthony Gormley that was set up at Crosby Beach in Liverpool.

The funny moment came about when Hurley was out for a walk with his human Adam Shore. The dog dashed off to see if he could convince someone else to play with him and came across the statue.

But Hurley, an 8-year-old border collie, was about to be confused. He happily runs over to the statue and drops the ball at its feet, barking and pleading with it to throw his ball. But to no avail. For some reason, the “human” refuses to bend to Hurley’s charms, leaving the dog perplexed.

Hurley tries repeatedly to get the statue to pick up his ball. He’s giving all the signals. Dropping ball. Lying down-pointing. to it. Barking. But poor Hurley, he’s being ignored.

Watch the funny moment in the video below.