Dog Patiently Waits For Stuffed Animals To Come Out Of The Drying Machine

Abby the Labrador is anything if not patient, especially when it comes to her stuffed animals. The dog is very attached to each of her toys, but she knows her mom is taking good care of them, like the time where she sat and waited for her favorite toy to be stitched up.

In this sweet video, mom is washing her “babies” and they are finally ready to come out of the drying machine. Watch as Abby is delighted when her mum calls her to come to the washing machine and hands her the plushies one by one.

You can just see how attentive she is to each and every toy. She picks them up in her mouth and puts them all in one pile, almost as if she is counting them. Her wagging tail just doesn’t stop as she is reunited with each of them.

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