Dog Stomps Her Feet When She Doesn’t Get Her Way

After being brought inside for barking at the neighbor’s cat, this Australian Shepherd has a tiny tantrum because she cannot go back outside to play. How does Mya show off her stubborn streak? She stomps her feet! It seems Mya is very determined to get her way. But mom isn’t going to back down, given how naughty she’s being.

“Don’t stomp your feet, you were just out,” mom chastises her stubborn dog. Her mom says that Mya spends a lot of her time outside during the day as that is where she loves to be most. She spends her time watching the people walk by and chasing leaves in the driveway. Unfortunately, she also has a tendency to bark at the mailman, other dogs, and, more than anything, the neighbor’s cat!

Although her mom has tried many training methods to curb Mya’s barking, the only real way to stop Mya’s mischievous barking is by bringing her back inside. She may be a “high maintenance girl” sometimes, but Mya’s mom reveals she’s worth every minute, especially when she curls up on the couch for some doggie cuddle time.

Watch as Mya expresses herself in her own adorable way (much like a little kid would) in the video below and share it with your friends!