German Shepherd Who Nearly Froze To Death Has Miraculously Beaten All The Odds

A German Shepherd, who nearly froze to death after being chained up in cold weather, has overcome incredible odds. So many, that rescuers are calling him a “miracle pup”. Caesar was rescued last year, after he nearly froze outside in Kansas City. He arrived at the shelter malnourished, unable to walk and in a comatose state.

His front teeth were worn down from chewing on a chain, he had a bad eye, a bad leg, and was starving. Then, he was diagnosed with cancer. But Caesar has taken on all his battles and come out a champion.

When Caesar’s owner first notified Kansas City Pet Project a few days before Christmas in 2016, he told them that the dog was a stray. But Nancy Campbell with Missouri German Shepherd Rescue learned the truth. Caesar’s owner had “lied at first, saying he was a ‘stray’. Then claimed he’d been missing a month. Then said he didn’t know what to do about him.” He signed the dog over to the rescue, who has cared for Caesar ever since.

It took months for Caesar to overcome numerous health problems.

He was so underweight that he couldn’t walk, so he got special hydrotherapy sessions.

He never had seen a toy before, but thanks to many kind donations, he got a host of toys to play with.

As gradually began gaining weight. He started to be able to walk on his own.

Things began to look up. But Caesar’s hardships weren’t over. While he was being neutered, vets found cancerous lumps. But now he’s overcome that too!

After four months of chemotherapy, Caesar as been given the “all clear” by veterinarians.

Dr. Jeff Dennis is a veterinarian with BluePearl pet hospital said that Caesar’s cancer is in remission and he is a happier dog. “He has gained a good 15 pounds since his first treatment. He is eating better and is a much happier dog.”

Since his rescue, Caesar has been with a wonderful foster family who he’s “fallen completely in love with”.

He enjoys “morning coffee talk” with his foster mom, who says he’s very well-behaved and a fast learner.

During his cancer treatment, he did feel “a bit under the weather” but handled everything in stride, being the courageous dog he is.

“Caesar is sort of a miracle dog,” Nancy Campbell with the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue Group told Action News. “The reality is cancer came at the end, and he has come through it like a champ.”

Next on the MOGS wish list for Caesar is a forever home. MOGS writes, “Let’s all celebrate tonight, and raise a glass to this miracle boy! GO, CAESAR! Next on the agenda: Complete a 12-month check on his heartworm status in January, and then see about a forever home for him.”

The rescue still needs donations to cover Caesar’s cancer treatment. Please visit Missouri German Shepherd Rescue’s website if you would like to donate to his care.