Indian Street Dog Makes Incredible Transformation With The Help Of Animal Rescuers

A stray dog living on the streets of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India found herself plagued with the constant itch and pain that comes with a severe case of mange. When it seemed like she would never escape her agony, the dedicated rescuers at Animal Aid Unlimited came to her rescue.

Animal Aid Unlimited is a team of hardworking animal lovers that have dedicated their lives to helping the animals of India. With a normal day consisting of responding to up to 50 emergency calls, they are always ready to tend to animals in need. This is exactly what happened when they followed up on a call that reported a stray dog with a severe skin infection.

When the rescuers arrived at the scene, they found a shy pup perched onto a makeshift bed on a local street. It was clear that she had been suffering for quite some time from a severe case of mange and was covered in wounds due to the constant itching. They knew they had to gain her trust and bring her back to their facility for treatment

“She looked like an ancient one, shriveled, gnarly, and fading away. But this angel was succumbing to advanced mange, which had thrust her into the grip of intense itchiness, and crusted skin which broke apart in massive cracks. Like most mange dogs she had likely run herself ragged trying to escape the maddening itchiness. Now, she was deflated and perhaps preparing to let go of life itself.” – Animal Aid Unlimited

Though she was a bit uneasy as the rescuers approached her, they were able to win her over with a few yummy biscuits. She then allowed them to wrap her up into a blanket and carry her away to what would be a new life filled with love.

Once this nervous pup made her way back to Animal Aid Unlimited, she began the multiple months of medicated baths and treatments that she would need to eradicate her mange for good. Though she was at first wary of the presence of so many humans, she soon learned that no one at this facility would ever do her harm. From that point on this beautiful girl began to thrive.

With the help of the passionate team at the Indian rescue, this anxious girl has transformed into a social butterfly. Due to her shining personality and her ability to light up a room, they named her Shimmer.

“She faced her regimen of medicated baths with trembling fear, but within a few days came to understand that touch did not have to mean pain; touching now meant comfort. We named her Shimmer, like dancing sunshine.” – Animal Aid Unlimited