Injured Mother Dog Abandoned In The Gutter Thanks To The Endless Kisses Of Rescuers

An abandoned mother dog has to walk long and recover. Nelly, a Stafford mixture, was found in a ditch filled with water in Birmingham, England. A man found her while walking the dog and tried to take it to dry land.

Nelly was bound by a martial arts belt and tied to a nearby fence. The local firefighter was asked to assist her in her rescue.

The dog thanked her rescuers very much and bathed them with a kiss. However, the frozen ditches were only the beginning of Nellie’s suffering.

Her left front paw was seriously injured and infected. The veterinarian also discovered that she had a baby recently. Nelly found no puppies, but her mammary glands are still leaking milk.

They also determined that her injury was not a new injury. There is no doubt how long Pain Nelly suffered before being abandoned, or how long she waited for someone to come to her.

“People think this is an acceptable way to treat animals, which is simply beyond description,” said Lin Reeves of the Animal House Rescue Organization. “Even if you don’t have the guts to go to a vet or something to ask for help, it’s not necessary. To do this. They are just cowards.”

Unfortunately, without treatment, the infection in Nelly’s paw spread into her leg. Veterinarians had no choice but to amputate. At first, she was too weak to undergo such a serious surgery. She was treated with IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain meds to help her regain her strength.

Nelly has since had her surgery and came through with flying colors. The plan is to see her through her recovery, spay her, get her up to date on vaccinations, and find her a loving home.

According to Reeves, even more, shocking than Nelli ’s terrible abuse is her loving attitude towards rescuers. Despite receiving treatment in the past, she still fully trusted.

“She’s shown nothing but gentleness to the fire crew that rescued her and to all of us,” Reeves told the BBC. “She is so sweet, which is even more soul-destroying because she is such a lovely girl.”