Not all rescue dogs can make obvious changes-it does not matter!

At iHeartDogs, we shared incredible stories about dogs who overcame neglect, abuse, and homelessness and became healthy and well-adjusted family pets. Although this is usually the case, not all rescue dogs can fully recover.

Some people live in terrifying fears and fears, while others cannot coexist safely with children or other dogs. do you know? It’s time to accept that it doesn’t matter.

Not all dogs can live up to the well-trained, shiny puppies we saw in the movie. Some people have physical and emotional scars. But this does not mean that they do not know how to love. Of course, this does not mean that they should not get a safe and stable house.

Five years ago, Rosie entered my life. It was the second day after Thanksgiving. When I saw a post from a regional rescue organization, I was browsing my Facebook feed.

This is a desperate call for stocks, breeders, and adopters. The shelter is overcrowded, and unless there is a quick place to put it, dozens of dogs are considered euthanized.

Rosie’s photo caught my attention. She is just an ordinary black and tan hound, but her eyes look so sad and wise. She stared at the photographer, showing the cutest pink tongue out of her mouth. I was fascinated.

Less than five hours later, Rosie wandered nervously around my house, trying to adapt herself to the new environment. She is an elderly person (about 11 years old), and I will soon discover that she has numerous health problems.

Her recent small incision was infected and exuded pus. Her coat was dry, fragile, and fell off in a lump. Most of her teeth are missing or broken. She smelled terrible, and despite the cold, I had to drive and put all four windows down.

Later that night, she coughed badly. X-rays showed Rosie’s lungs were full of congestion. Her spine and bone spurs and arthritis throughout her body suffer from degenerative diseases. According to the vet, she was shocked even when she was standing, let alone walking.

We left the clinic with a lot of antibiotics, antifungals, steroids, and painkillers. If her lungs are open, we know that her cough is caused by an infection. If not, we are likely to develop advanced heart filariasis or advanced lung cancer.

Within a few days, Rosie’s cough improved. She is full of energy during the day and sleeps better at night. She even started to play in her own unique way.

Rosie doesn’t scream or bring toys, just grab her favorite lamb and throw it in the air once or twice. It doesn’t sound like much, but these moments are a huge breakthrough because this is the only time Rosie shakes his tailor relaxes his vigilance.

As her health improved, I began to worry more about her behavior. She never overlooked my sight, but she was stiff and nervous when approaching. Her behavior is quiet, serious, and vigilant.

On the other hand, she seems to like walking and all food (except lettuce). She tolerated her dog siblings and made me brush her constant improvement coat. She even started leaning on my lap or resting her head on my arm to court.

I explained all these situations to the veterinarian and hope to make suggestions on how to make Rosie a “normal” dog. Instead, he asked me to leave the room and come back in two minutes. When I watched the second hand ticking on the phone timer, it felt like a lifetime. Two minutes later, I re-entered the exam room.

My veterinarian explained that Rosie never looked away from the door, and she kept waving her tail as my footsteps approaching.

“You have to learn to accept a small victory.” “Before you, she was in a noisy, overcrowded shelter, who knew she was before that? You might be the first to show her kindness Person. She ’s a little weird, but she ’s safe and well taken care of, obviously, she loves you. That ’s enough. ”

November last year was Rosie’s fifth year with me. She is still shy and embarrassed. She still likes to play by herself. She walks a row and has difficulty getting up after a long sleep. She suffered from syncope due to a weak lung, and her dog dementia started her at night.