Piglet the Pink Puppy Can’t See or Hear, But He Inspires Kids Every Day

Sadly, when breeding dogs, some breeders do not consider possible health problems. The piglet is a mixture of chihuahua and dachshund, and his parents are mottled. When two dogs of this color are bred together, puppies have a 25% chance of becoming a “double mottled dog”, which is usually related to partial or complete blindness and deafness. Unfortunately, the piglet is one of them. He was completely blind and deaf, but he did not make him shrink back.

The piglet got its name because of its light pink color. He is a cute and adorable dog, but because of his special needs, he needs a home that is willing to give him extra attention and love.

Piglet was found in a hoarding situation in Georgia with 37 other puppies. Then, from there he was taken to Connecticut where he met Melissa Shapiro, a veterinarian. At first, Shapiro was just planning to foster Piglet, but it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with him. After only two months of fostering him, she knew that he belonged with her.

Shapiro already had 6 other dogs, but she was happy to invite one more into her family. She admits that Piglet is a lot of work, but he is definitely worth it. 

At first, caring for Piglet was like a full-time job. He was very attached to Shapiro and would scream when he was anxious, which was most of the time. He got bad separation anxiety when Shapiro would leave the house, so for the first month, she couldn’t even leave him alone.

After a few months in his forever home, Piglet got into a routine and he got more comfortable with his surroundings. He loves to play with his siblings, go for walks, and travel with Shapiro for work. He refused to let his special needs hold him back from having the life of a cheerful puppy.

A third-grade teacher in Plainville, Massachusetts heard the story of the Piglet and decided to share it with her class. She introduced them to Piglet’s positive thinking and how to help him overcome obstacles. He also motivates children to deal with and embrace differences.

Students use Piglet to help them grow, so they try to maintain a “Piglet mentality”, and when they face a challenge, they will ask: “What will Piglet do?” Children often send hand-drawn cards to Piglet and Both Shapiro and Piglet like them.

Piglet and his family also raised funds to help dogs with special needs. They sell a variety of piggy goods, including shirts, stickers, magnets, and handbags. So far, they have raised more than $ 30,000!

On the Piglet website, there are also educational PDFs available for classroom use. Piglet is inspiring to people and dogs. He tried to encourage adoption and smiled all over the world.

As the years go by, Shapiro and Piglet will continue to help and inspire others. Piglet had a difficult life at first, but thanks to Shapiro, he is now a kind and accepted mascot. Piglet’s journey inspired the adoption of other people, especially dogs with special needs like him. They may need extra attention, but there is no doubt that they are worth the extra effort.