Police Save Two Puppies On Busy Freeway After Cutest Chase Ever

It was a police chase that any dog lover can appreciate. State troopers and firefighters in Arizona came to the rescue of two puppies running on the busy freeway.

But it didn’t go off without a hitch, after one of the dogs eluded capture, forcing them to shut down a six-lane highway and lead them on a wild goose chase down the freeway.

The dog was tracked by helicopter pilot Bruce “Chopper Guy” Haffner, who filmed this footage of the dog avoiding capture while bringing traffic to a standstill on the I-17 freeway in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s a hair-raising adventure as cops and citizens try and catch him. Thankfully, after an hour of effort, the dog ran into a mobile home park where he was finally caught.

The two dogs are now at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter and will be up for adoption on March 10. The shelter hopes to adopt the two dogs together.

They are no worse for wear after their hair-raising adventure and doing well at the shelter.

“Immediately, when they realized no one was going to hurt them, they just loved upon us,” an official with Animal Care and Control said. “They are really, really friendly dogs.”