Puppy Found Wandering Streets With Horribly Broken Jaw Gets Lifesaving Help

Aiden the Pit Bull puppy was found as a stray wandering around with a horrific wound. His jaw was broken and dangling and had been festering for a while when he was plucked up and taken to Dr. Karri of Vet Ranch.

She took one look at his wounds and proclaims “Oh man, this is bad.” But even though he was badly hurt, all Aiden wanted to do was give her kisses.

The poor little guy became one of Dr. Karri’s most challenging cases, but after undergoing several surgeries, he made an amazing recovery.

When his bandages are removed, he’s right away back to trying to give kisses and even manages to pick up his first toy!

You can watch the full video of Aiden’s rescue on YouTube here.