Puppy Living In Tire Gives Nothing But Smiles To People Who Rescued Her

A puppy covered in mange and living in an old tire is getting a brand new start thanks to some kind workers.

Panama was first spotted by warehouse workers in Memphis, Tennessee. The small puppy was hiding out in the tire. Although the people could not get close to her, they left out food for her.

But they snapped a photo and shared it online, hoping someone could help.

Michelle Quina, the foster coordinator for Street dog Foundation, saw the plea for help and immediately rushed out to find the puppy.

She didn’t want to leave the puppy a minute longer on the busy street filled with trucks.

She found her curled up on a pink blanket, but as soon as Panama saw her she ran to the tires. Quina was able to safely catch her and bring her to the vet where she was diagnosed with Demodex mange and worms.

Thankfully, her mange wasn’t contagious yet.

Now at home with Quina as a foster, Panama is loving playing with other dogs and meeting people.

Although she’s itchy, she is very happy. At 14-weeks-old she’s almost completely potty-trained and knows a few tricks, indicating she was someones at some point.

But Quina doesn’t feel Panama will have long to wait for a new family.

“She’s got a lot of personality for such a little girl,” Quina told the Dodo. “She won’t have any trouble finding the perfect home.”

Visit Street Dog Foundation’s website to find out more about their adoptable dogs and share Panama’s story and help her find a home.