Senior Dog Left to Starve in a Field After Being Used for Breeding is Looking for a Home

Doris, the dog was found abandoned in a field in the cold winter and rescued by a very kind woman, who then contacted Howl Of A Dog. The dog had been left in a heartbreaking condition. She was left to starve after years of “most likely having been used for breeding.”

According to Howl Of A Dog, Doris showed typical signs of years of over-breeding. She had “sagging folds of skin on some mammary glands” and many untreated health conditions indicating she was neglected and unloved for some time. But under their care, Doris has gone from barely standing up to enjoying walks and smiling for treats.

With her age (around 8 years old) and her health condition, Doris’ rescuers know finding her home may be difficult. But they write: “After all she’s been through, it simply wouldn’t be fair for her to never know what it’s like to have a loving family and to be loved.”

They add:

She is very gentle and well behaved, and she’s very good with people. But she can be wary of some dogs and would be most happy being the only dog in the home. We are looking for a quiet, adult only home where she can enjoy the rest of her retirement. She needs a family experienced in dealing with senior dogs and the challenges that come with age. We will offer our full support to the adoptive family so that Doris can receive the best medical care.”