Senior Dog Sanctuary Creates “Saving Senior Dogs Week”

Alice Mayn’s enthusiasm for senior dogs began in 2007 when she met the 12-year-old golden retriever Lily. Lily was taken to a shelter in Sonoma County, California, and Meyn immediately fell in love with the cute dog. Therefore, she decided to raise herself. Mayn stayed in Lily for a total of four months, but this amazing senior dog changed her life. From that moment on, this experience made Mayn want to help as many senior dogs as possible.

Lily is a sweet girl, everyone loves it. When she met Mayn, she gave her a kiss after coming out of the kennel. When she was old, she suffered from many health problems, including nasal infections, blood disorders, and seizures, but she was not frustrated. She is a happy dog ​​and always leads a fulfilling life.

The day after Lily’s death, Mayn decided to establish an organization to help rescue and find shelter for elderly dogs. She is only 6 weeks away from retirement, and she knows that helping older dogs is the ideal way to spend her time. Therefore, she created Lili’s Heritage Senior Dog Sanctuary.

For Mayn and all the senior dogs she helped, Lily’s legacy is indeed a dream come true. This non-profit shelter covers a total of 5 acres, so there is enough space to accommodate as many senior dogs as possible.

Volunteers are on-site at all times to ensure the best care for these dogs. Dogs can roam freely in the barn decorated as a living room. The barn is furnished with sofas, tables, and carpets. Volunteers are there to supervise, take care, and of course, hug the dog!

The dogs in this shelter were surrendered for many different reasons, but regardless of their past, they are ready to find a new caring home to spend the rest of their lives. Mayn made sure they were very comfortable while waiting for the arrival of their eternal family.

In order to encourage more people to adopt senior dogs, Mayn also launched “Save Senior Dog Week”. The event takes place from November 4th to 10th. Throughout the week, people’s awareness of the “joy and reward” brought by senior dogs continues to spread.

Mayn ’s rescue operation has cooperated with 10 other senior dog groups in the United States to help spread the word about “Save Senior Dog Week”. The more people who can share information about this amazing week, the better. The elderly are usually the last adopted dogs, so they need to spread more enthusiasm among them.

If you want to welcome a new dog into your family, please consider adopting a senior dog! They have a lot of love to devote, and they can change your life as they did for Mayn. Do n’t ignore some of the most amazing dogs on the grounds of age.