South Korea’s Boryeong Mud Festival, I believe Haiyan can be a beauty / million visitors

Speaking of the mud festival, I believe that everyone is no stranger, and many countries have organized such festivals. The Korea Baoning Mud Festival is held every July for 7 days. The Boryeong Mud Festival is said to be the dirtiest festival. In fact, not only is there a mud festival in Korea, but the Japanese Mud Festival is also famous. The difference is that the Korean Mud Festival can be beautiful, let’s take a look at it 。


Sea mud beauty

Every country has its own special festival, and south korea is no exception. Every year, south korea hosts a baoning mud festival. In these few days, you will see sexy bikinis in the mud on the street. You will also see a group of young people playing in the mud, as if returning to childhood. The boryeong mud festival is held every july and this event lasts for 7 days.

Have you tried to wrestle passionately in the mud? All this is beyond imagination. The mutian festival is held at the baoning dachuan beach in chungcheongnam-do. Fall in love with the earth! Roll it! Enjoy it!” is the theme. The biggest highlight of the baoning mud festival, “Mud’s melee”, will also throw large mud cannons and more than 10,000 mud water cannons to bring greater happiness to the participants.

The boryeong mud festival is held in july every year in boryeong, south korea. During the 7th festival, there are funny and fun activities and competitions, such as mud wrestling, photo photography, sea mud massage. But the most fun activities are no more than miss muhammad’s election. The muddy “Jia li” will go up the catwalk on the stage, let everyone judge the head and compete for the current mud king.

The Boryeong Mud Festival began in 1998 and was the annual summer festival in Baoning, Korea. From 2008 to 2010, it was selected as the “Korean representative celebration”. Boryeong is famous for its mineral-rich mud, which uses mud to produce cosmetics. The mud is transported from the beach, and the Koreans believe that the mud is rich in minerals and has a cosmetic effect, and the mud is applied to the body.

After 20 years of development, south korea has developed the boryeong mud festival into a unique festival celebration to promote tourism and promote mud culture. Every year, millions of people go to baoning carnival. Maybe you have used a mud mask, but there is no treated, natural beach mud. Do you have the courage to apply it to your face?

Sea mud beauty has always been the main activity of the baoning mud festival. During the festival, a number of massage tents will be set up on the beach. The beauty experts will paint the whole body with high-quality mud, and then massage, how many beautiful skin effects are afterward. Relax, enjoy and use it in real time, plus the first day of admission to enjoy the service for free, presumably the hot program of the mud festival.

In addition to sea mud, Boryeong has another specialty, delicious seafood, which is also extremely popular. The city’s seafood restaurant has become a city, and like the Japanese, the Boryeong people also like to make fresh fish into the fish. In addition, there are shrimp, crab, simmer, sea fish, squid, etc. Spicy seafood pot is also an authentic way to eat.