Stray Dog Who Was Shot In The Face Comes Out A Winner

Morgan was living as a stray when he approached a man in a village only to be shot in the head. That could have been the end of his story, but he miraculously survived and ran away, bleeding, blinded, and terrified. Even more amazing than Morgan surviving his injuries, however, are the caring people who found him and worked hard to make him whole again.

The Orphan Pet shares how Morgan’s rescuers “were informed about the shooting and were looking for him for days until they finally found him hiding in the woods.” Even though everyone in the village knew who shot Morgan, no one stepped forward, “as much as the rescuers pleaded for the eyewitnesses to do so.”

Although Morgan’s recovery was long and arduous, The Orphan Pet says Morgan “came out a winner”. His is a story of courage and perseverance.

A little over a year later, he joined other rescue dogs in a special marathon to honor animal rescue.

You can watch his full recovery in the video directly on YouTube.