Sweet Dog Found Chained to a Stop Sign in Snowstorm Rescued Just in Time

A heart-breaking discovery on Detroit’s east side required a rescue from Detroit Pit Crew. A dog was spotted by a Good Samaritan chained to a stop sign in the middle of a snowstorm carpeting the city with wet, freezing snow.

She was chained very tightly to the stop sign with a padlock and link-chain so she didn’t have much room to move and was curled up in a ball for warmth.

Fortunately for the Pitbull mix – now named Speckles – the person who spotted her while driving by contacted Detroit Pit Crew, who came out and found the dog crouched over and trying to stay warm.

Speckles was immediately grateful to be freed from her imprisonment.

The rescuers said it was fortunate that Speckles was saved when she was. Not only could she have fallen victim to the cold, but she could also have easily been picked up by dog fighters or other unscrupulous individuals.

The rescuers immediately set to work to see if she had owners looking for her or a microchip, but no luck. So the sweet, one-year-old puppy will be up for adoption and will no doubt find a loving home thanks to Detroit Pit Crew.