The Blind Dog Was Finally Rescued After Ten Years On The Street

Imagine being blind, homeless, and unable to speak for themselves. This is the case of Pharaoh. “Hope Paw” received a call saying that the old dog had spent a full ten years on the street!

Pharaoh was not satisfied with anyone who approached him, let alone tried to restrain him. However, rescuers are persistent, and soon after Pharaoh is reborn – finally!

Frosted Faces’ good-hearted people took him to raise him, and now he is used to being moved by people indoors.

He is still very scared, but he has a companion of dogs like Duncan (another hope paw rescue organization), can lead his life with a leash, and can also enjoy a comfortable dog bed, medical services, and a lot of love.

Rescuers want to check his eyes to see if they can restore their eyesight. Of course, they want him to find an eternal home and live in a comfortable and loving way.