The teacher who saved the puppy from the lake plans to take her home forever

Bryant Fritz is a middle school science teacher at the next generation school in Champaign, Illinois. When he found something, he went out fishing on the weekend. When he approached the unidentified object, he was terrified. When the whole picture was in focus, he could not believe his eyes. Protruding from the surface of Kauffman Lake is a puppy trapped in a cage, which is submerged in cold water.

He Waded To Save The Dying Puppy

When he was involved in the water, Bryant took off several layers of sweatshirts to save the frozen puppy. The closer he was, the poor little puppy knew she was getting the help she desperately needed. When his waist went deep into the water, she began to tremble uncontrollably. He carefully moved the cage to dry ground.

He didn’t think the poor girl would succeed. He rushed her to the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and they immediately worked for her. She has an open wound on her body and lacks skin patches. The veterinary team said on Facebook: “This dog’s wound doesn’t seem to have anything to do with her time in the water.” Exposed bare skin is clearly visible.

Of course, she suffered from hypothermia, and the veterinarian at the teaching hospital said she did not respond at first. Her body temperature was so low that the veterinarian couldn’t read the thermometer when she arrived. After more than three hours of heating work, her body temperature returned to normal. The team has named her Dory. Fortunately, this girl has been swimming.

Police Need Help Finding the Perpetrator of This Heinous Crime

This story makes us wonder, someone in the world will make this choice. This is incredible. The only feasible answer is that a seriously ill person wants this poor helpless creature to suffer a slow, painful, and cruel death. If Kobe does not come, it will be what will happen. The wound on her body also proves that this is not the first time that this poor baby has been abused. Although some disgusting people endured everything, she still loves, forgives and seeks the protection of others, and once again shows us the charm of the faithful dog.

The Champaign Police Department opened an investigation in the case and is urging anyone with security camera footage or information to contact the police at 217-351-4545. 

The happy ending of the fatal meeting

Kobe ’s own dog died a few years ago, and he has been thinking about raising another dog. When he visited the shelter, he knew that anyone who should be adopted by him would know it clearly. His experience in saving Dolly made things clear. He plans to take Dolly home forever after adoption. She will be taken care of by the animal control service until the police investigation is over, and she is enough to go home with Kobe. We ca n’t wait to see the photos of their reunion until we are together forever.