10 Rarest Animals In The World: Only Two Female White Rhinos (Not Pregnant)

Perhaps in some parts of the world, there are rare animals that we have never seen before, and as people are greedy, they are diminishing or even disappearing. Now we will uncover the top ten animals that will be extinct and learn about the rare animals in the world. Before we see it, let’s understand it!

White Rhino, South China Tiger, Black Crested Gibbon, Red Wolf, White Langur, Northern Bear, Florida Cougar, Plow Turtle, Mountain Gorilla, White Dolphin

1. Northern white rhinoceros

The northern white rhinoceros is a herbivorous rhinoceros species that is almost exclusively raised in short grass. It is the largest rhinoceros ever, known as the “King of Rhinoceros” and one of the world’s top ten rare animals. According to current data, one of the only three white rhinos in the world died on March 19, 2018 in Kenny, Sudan. The other two female northern white rhinoceros “Fatu” and “Najin” are armed 24 hours a day from the Czech “settling” zoo to the Orpegeta Nature Reserve in northern Kenya. Although some people see “Sudan” mating with female rhinos, female rhinos have not been successfully conceived, which means that it will be completely extinct in a few years, and humans can only see it in textbooks!

2. South China Tiger

Speaking of the South China Tiger, everyone should think of the photo fraud photo of Zhou Zhenglong, a hunter of the Shaanxi Forestry Bureau, which is the reason why people began to understand and pay attention to them. The South China Tiger is smaller and is one of the smallest subspecies of the tiger. Since the 1950s, a large number of South China tigers have been arrested under the influence of interests. Among them, in 1956, only 1,750 tiger skins were purchased nationwide. Since 1990, the natural population of wild South China tiger has never been found. As of October 2010, the number of South China tigers that were artificially reared in the world was about 100.

3. Black-crowned gibbon

The black-crowned gibbons mainly inhabit tropical rain forests at an altitude of about 100-2500 meters and humid monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forests in the southern subtropical mountains. They are the highest of the known gibbons. Due to human hunting, the black-crowned gibbon is constantly being forced to migrate to higher altitudes, but this does not prevent the pace of illegal poachers, so it was included in the World Conservation Union (IUCN) version: 2008 Primate Red Directory – Extremely Endangered (CR).

4. Red wolf

Red wolves are animals that live in North America and are mainly distributed in the southeastern part of the United States. They are hybrids of gray wolves and coyotes. Extinct in the wild in 1980, there are currently more than one hundred in the United States.

5. White-leaved monkey

From the name, you can know that the hair on the head is white, and it is mainly called the leaf-headed langur. At present, white-headed langurs are only distributed in a very narrow triangular zone between Zuojiang and Mingjiang in Guangxi, China. It is difficult to store water in the terrain, and drought often occurs, which brings great difficulties to the survival of white-headed langurs. Hundreds. Recognized as the rarest monkey in the world

6. Northern Hair Nose Bear

The world’s top ten rare animals rank sixth. It is a kind of wombat. It lives in Australia and is one of the rarest and rarest weird mammals. As predators are introduced into Australia, the wombat population on Earth is almost extinct. At present, only one group of northern nose bears with less than 100 members is protected.

7. Florida Cougar

Speaking of the Florida Cougars, you must have heard of it. This is the largest of the cat subfamilies and one of the most ferocious beasts. The Florida Cougar is a subspecies of the cougar. It inhabits a variety of environments other than the rainforest. It is good at climbing and jumping and can be active throughout the day. Hi alone. Meat, often ambush to kill a variety of vertebrates for food. Distributed in the southern part of Florida, USA. After the protection of the federal government, the number now does not exceed 100.

8. Plough turtle

The plough turtle is a native species native to Madagascar and lives only in Angoloca, northwest of Madagascar. Decline in habitats, human poaching, illegal animal trade, and food chain hunting are the main reasons for the decline in the number of plough turtles. According to the current material, their number is only about 400.

9. Mountain gorilla

This gentle giant, a mountain gorilla, inhabits the Albertin Rift Valley mountain forests of the Virunga Mountains. Due to human deforestation and years of war, the habitat of mountain gorillas has been severely damaged, and food shortages. There are not many mountain gorillas now.

10. White dolphins

The white-finned dolphins are the least remaining dolphins among the four remaining freshwater dolphins in the world. The white-fin dolphin, known as the giant panda in the water, is produced in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and is mainly distributed in Hubei, the mainstream areas of Anhui and Jiangsu. Due to its small number, it is listed as one of China’s first-class protected wild animals and one of China’s endangered animals.

Conclusion: As early as thousands of years ago, our ancestors had already had the awareness of protecting wild animals. However, as the number of human beings continues to increase and more resources are needed, many animals have become victims of human development. Many large animal species have gone extinct in a short period of time, and people are still not wary of their own words. The top ten rare animals in the world will soon be invisible.