Traumatized Stray Dog Shrieks Himself To Sleep Every Night

A homeless dog traumatized by past abuse would shriek himself to sleep every night until rescuers came to help him. The dog, now named Nuri, lived on the streets of South Korea when animal rescuers found him.

In the video, a young rescuer explains that when she first heard him crying out she thought he was being abused. But he was crying while he was asleep. She didn’t know if the dog was ill or having a nightmare at first, but it turns out he had a deep wound on his side and was having spasms in his hind leg.

It seems that Nuri had been brutally stabbed in the stomach when some men tried to grab him. Nuri was plagued by traumatic memories of the attack, but rescuers do their best to mend his mind and his heart and take him away from life on the street to recover.

His rescuers are optimistic that with a “reliable owner” and the right care he will get much better and put his nightmares behind him. Stray dogs often suffer from the violence that can lead to mental distress. Thank goodness Nuri has a chance to live a safe life and put his past trauma behind him.