Watch Dog’s Excitement When He Realizes He’s Getting Adopted!

Shelters can be scary and confusing places for dogs. After all, waiting for a forever family is hard! However, the sad reality is that many amazing dogs are euthanized simply because there’s not enough space for them. That’s why Saving Carson Shelter Dogs is doing everything they can to promote dogs at risk. One of the ways they help is by recording the dog “freedom walks” to show the world how important adoption is!

Benny was one of the many dogs that Saving Carson Shelter Dogs worked with, and he was certainly one of the most memorable. When Benny arrived at a shelter, he was only 8 months old. However, since he’s a Pit Bull, his chances of adoption just weren’t as high as some of the other dogs.

At the shelter, Benny was very timid. When people would approach his kennel, he’d often get nervous and back away from them. However, despite his fears, a family fell in love with him. He was adopted after only a few months at the shelter. What a lucky pup!

Benny’s Freedom Walk!
When Benny’s new family came to bring him home, he had no idea what was going on. A kind volunteer from Saving Carson Shelter Dogs came along to record the moment. However, it took Benny a while to realize that his life was about to change for the better.

Once Benny is out of his kennel and near his new family, he knows that something is different. He knows this isn’t just another day of waiting. The moment he steps out of that kennel, he comes to the realization that he’s getting adopted!

Suddenly, Benny has an extra skip in his step. He bounces around like crazy, pulling on the leash as much as he can. He can’t wait any longer to get to his new home! His excitement doesn’t fade even for a second. He is out of that kennel, and he finally feels free!

Benny’s heartwarming freedom walk touched the hearts of many dog lovers. Saving Carson Shelter Dogs was kind enough to capture the entire event on video and share it on their Facebook page.

The organization reminds everyone that this is the reason you should adopt. Rescue dogs are forever grateful that you saved them, and this video is proof of that. When considering a new family member, it’s important to adopt instead of shop because you could save a dog’s life!

Watch the Heartwarming Video Here: